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Board of Directors and Staff

The High Sierra Animal Rescue (HSAR) Board of Directors is a group of skilled business and professional people who volunteer to provide strategy for the organization. Each member brings many years of experience in their field.

Current members include:

HSAR board president Carole Scott

Carole Scott


Carole joined the board in 2013 and became President in September of 2020. Carole has managed a small San Francisco law firm for the past 16 years. Currently, she manages it remotely as she now lives in Portola. She and her husband have two rescue cats, two rescue dogs, and three rescue horses. Carole also fostered kittens for another rescue foundation while living in the Bay Area.

Jeri Nelson


Jeri joined the board in 2020 to help with the preparation of financial reports, budgets, and annual filings. She is retired from Eastern Plumas Health Care after 23 years as their Chief Financial Officer, and has worked with many nonprofit organizations. 

Jeri has several pet companions that help her enjoy life in the mountains.

HSAR board member Doug Hart

Doug Hart

Public Relations

Doug retired in 2006 after serving thirty-seven years in the military. He is passionate about giving back to the community and making a difference. His love of animals connected him to the High Sierra Rescue team where he has been there as a board member since 2008. Both Doug and his wife Debbie feel that an organization can provide more services than any one individual can do on his/her own. Doug and Debbie will continue to be volunteers at HSAR as long as there are animals that need help.

HSAR board member Jeri Nelson
HSAR board member and founder Doug Rodrigues

Doug Rodrigues


Doug and his wife, Betty, were Co-Founders of HSAR in May of 1999. They saw a need in the community where 500+ adoptable cats and dogs needed their help. Doug holds a BS in Industrial Engineering and an MBA from the University of Southern California. HSAR was a perfect opportunity to apply Doug’s education and 18 years of experience at Intel Corporation to a worthwhile cause.

HSAR board member Claudia Reuckert

Claudia Rueckert

Volunteer Coordinator

Claudia joined the board in September 2022 after adopting two dogs from HSAR and volunteering here since May 2021. She is passionate about enrichment and training for our rescue dogs. Claudia lives in Reno, runs a research lab, and teaches molecular biology at UNR. However, she spends all of her free time with her dogs or volunteering at the local dog club and HSAR. Her HSAR dog Storm performs in dog sports such as Scent Work, Agility, and Rally Obedience and she is constantly trying to educate herself in effective and humane dog training methods.

HSAR trainer Hannah Tomatis

Hannah Tomatis

Volunteer Trainer

Hannah began her career as a dog trainer by receiving a Certificate of Completion from Animal Behavior College in 2018 and then starting her own dog training business. Soon, she realized her strongest passion was working with the rescue dogs at High Sierra Animal Rescue and the people who adopted them. If you were to ask her, though, she will tell you this life chapter really began in 2014 because of a dog named Raider.

HSAR Office Manager Susanne Waller

Susanne Waller

Office Manager

Susanne is an avid dog lover and dedicated staff member of HSAR. She has been with our organization for over a decade and has adopted two dogs in that time. If you've called our office to inquire about boarding, adopting, volunteering, and more, you've likely talked with her at some point in time! She has helped place many dogs in loving forever homes and has been an invaluable part of our team. To reach out to Susanne please email or give us a call at (530)832-4727

HSAR Kennels Manager Alisha Proctor

Alisha Proctor

Kennels Manager

Alisha was born and raised in Plumas County and began her journey with HSAR nearly 10 years ago. She has cared for and loved hundreds of dogs in that time. She travels to local shelters to transfer dogs into our care, directs a team of kennel technicians, and is the ultimate caretaker for all of the rescue dogs and boarders at our facility. To get in touch with Alisha please email or give us a call at (530)832-4727

HSAR Director of Marketing and Fundraising Abigail Birnbryer

Abigail Birnbryer

Director of Marketing and Fundraising 

Abby Birnbryer is the Director of Marketing and Fundraising at High Sierra Animal Rescue, skillfully blending her degree and marketing experience with her passion for animals. Her journey with the organization began in 2018 as a volunteer before taking on her current role in July of 2019. Originally from New York, Abby frequently travels with her beloved dog, Roo.

She cherishes quality time with her loved ones, actively engaging in the local community, and striving to make a positive impact in the lives of dogs in need. 
Please feel welcome to reach out to Abby for all of your fundraising and marketing questions regarding HSAR at or (530)832-4727

HSAR board vice president Chuck Franck

Chuck Franck

Vice President

Charles “Chuck” Franck has volunteered at HSAR since 2004, later becoming a board member in 2007, and currently serving as vice president. Prior work experience included 32 years with Hormel Foods where he held various management positions in sales, marketing, production, and distribution. Chuck’s love for animals centers on pet spay & neuter with a focus on responsible pet ownership. Chuck and his wife Cathe previously had two cats adopted from HSAR.

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