Our staff cares for every dog as their own!

COVID19 Boarding Procedure:

Our front office is currently staffed Monday-Friday from 10am to 2pm to answer phone calls. Friday evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays we are unable to answer calls.

Please refer to our website for answers or leave us a detailed voice message. We will be able to give you a call back on Monday.

We apologize for an inconvenience and would like to thank you for your patience and understanding.

Before Boarding:

-We need all up to date shot records prior to drop off. They can faxed by your veterinarian or emailed to us at

-Exact time for drop off and pick up.

-Drop-off and pick-up time is at the latest 3 PM.

-Belongings allowed for the dog: 1 blanket, 1 bed, 1 toy, and food needed for stay.

-Payment method - credit card information over the phone, check on arrival, or exact cash on arrival

-Emergency Contact person and phone number.

Procedure for drop-off:

  1. Boarder will designate a time that they will drop-off. If that time changes we must be notified 24 hours in advance to ensure a smooth dropoff.

  2. When the boarder arrives, they will call the shelter phone number. Technician staff will have the phone number they listed to know whether or not to pick-up the phone. Technicians will also be aware if someone is outside to help with arrival.

  3. HSAR Kennel technician will meet the boarder outside of the building, wearing a mask.

  4. HSAR Kennel Technician will confirm the following details

  • Pick-up date and time

  • Feeding instructionsMedical needs

  • Items dropped off with the dog

After confirming the above items, a tech will ask the boarder to meet them with the dog at the boarding side door and our techs will take any of the dog’s belongings into the shelter with them.


At High Sierra Animal Rescue, we strive to provide your dog with the love and care they are used to at home. When you have to travel and it isn’t possible to leave your dogs in the comfort of their own home, board them with us and rest assured they are cared for with compassion, love, and respect. 

- Rescue and boarding kennels are separated physically and maintained by separate ventilation systems.

- Climate controlled indoor runs and kennels accommodate small or large dogs.

- Large fenced outdoor yards for play/exercise year-round.

- Automatic fresh water dispensers.

- Temperature controlled kennel floors.

- Soft music during the day to provide a calming atmosphere.

It is the goal of our staff to fully provide for the needs of every animal we shelter with compassion and competency. We work diligently to ensure the health, comfort and safety of the animals entrusted to our care by providing for them physically and emotionally – and by maintaining the highest standards of sanitation and sheltering.

We provide comfortable doggie cots, unless your pet has a special blanket or bed. We provide exercise/playtime four to five times a day. Pet behavior is carefully monitored for depression, aggression, lethargy, and loss of appetite to ensure the comfort of our guests.

Call (530) 832-4727 to secure your reservation. 


We require written confirmation of current vaccinations for common contagious diseases. Dogs must be protected against distemper, parvo, and corona viruses (given as DHLPP or DHLPPC), Bordetella (kennel cough), Canine Influenza, and Rabies. Although not required, other vaccinations such as Giardia vaccination and Heartworm preventative medication may be advisable. Please consult your veterinarian or our staff for additional information.

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