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Volunteer Clean Up Day
Adopt a Pet Day

California Adopt a Pet Day! June 1st 9am-3pm HSAR is fortunate to be one of the many participating rescues and shelters who will benefit from waived adoption fees on June 1st only! Please fill out your adoption application ahead of time at and schedule an appointment with us on June 1st between 9am-3pm to meet your new best friend! You will not need to pay an adoption fee on this specific day thanks to CalAnimals supported by the ASPCA and San Francisco SPCA. We have a few dogs who already have waived adoption fees thanks to our wonderful supporters. Those dogs include Jasper, Uno, Ivory, and Bagheera.


Volunteer Clean Up Day June 1st 9am-2pm We would like to invite you to the rescue for our annual outside Spring Clean-Up event! Join us for a BBQ (veggie options available), some yard work, and a chance to meet the community of people who are so vital to the welfare of our dogs. We need help with weeding, fireproofing, and general maintenance! Our staff will be there to start at 9am, but feel free to stop by when you can lend a hand. Lunch will be served around 11am, and we won’t stop until everyone gets some food and the property is ready for the summer. However long you stop by to help with our landscaping and fireproofing will be appreciated.

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