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Retriever's Ball

Pints for Pups.png

Every year we release hundreds of numbered balls (up to 1,000!) into the Mill Pond in Graeagle, CA and then ask a helpful pup to retrieve the winning balls on July 26th

Each donation will be recorded on our numbered tracker. Then a pup will jump into the Mill Pond and retrieve a handful of balls that are marked with the corresponding numbers. We will take a video of a rescue dog fetching the numbered balls and announce the winners on July 26th!

100% of proceeds will directly help the dogs in our care! 

Prizes include:

Sardine Lake Resort - Dinner for Two
Apple IPad- Donated by Jayce Coziar Realtor
Vizio 40 inch Flat Screen TV- Donated by Jayce Coziar Realtor
Beats Solo 4 Headphones- Donated by Jayce Coziar Realtor
Gift Basket from Pet Station 

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